Don’t Be Fooled.

Back when circuses were a popular form of entertainment, there was a plan for when things went wrong.  If a trapeze artist fell or a lion tamer ended up on the business end of a four-claw slap in the chest, the circus management would send in the clowns.  The lights would dim on the ring […]

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Deconstructing Adulthood

How many times do you see it posted as a meme on your social media feed? “I can’t even adult today!” I see it often, usually among friends and family that are exhausted, overworked, and worn down to the bone.  Because we are responsible adults, we often take on more obligation than we can handle, […]

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Oh Good. Another One.

So I was at TeddyCon last weekend and I got to spend a lot of time with a great friend, Mako Allen.  He’s been sort of a beacon of towering inspiration for me as I’ve gone through the last few years, starting with his work on the Big Little Podcast, and then developing into a very […]

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